Aletia Haynes Timmons for District Judge

"Aletia is a fighter on this side of the bar, and will be a fighter for justice on the bench as well."

- James Hankins, Oklahoma Criminal Defense Weekly

"As I have matured in my profession, it is clear that a critical role in justice is the role of the judge. Judges must balance the need for justice, judicial economy, temperament, and scholarship so that what is right and lawful is done. I have practiced in the state and federal courts and almost every administrative arena at one time or another in the almost thirty years I have practiced. I have observed, been subjected to, suffered, and learned in all of those experiences. I have seen judges whose demeanor, judicial temperament, scholarship, and concern for the respectful treatment of litigants have held up the highest standards of their office. Unfortunately, I have also seen otherwise. I have the temperament, experience, and commitment to justice needed for the bench and would be honored to serve if elected." - Aletia Haynes Timmons

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